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創辦人EJ So於2010前往大阪西成區,拜入一代名匠花田和夫門下,學習傳統日式手工鞋技法,隨後在大阪就職擔任設計師與樣品開發。2013年旅居英國製鞋首都北安普頓,



KAZUO CRAFT以品牌命名向恩師致敬,致力傳承歷史悠久的製鞋工藝,融合當代設計美學。採用頂級皮革、鞋材,提供豐富客製選項服務,讓客戶能夠透過挑選設計、顏色、鞋底、細節,搭配出專屬個人品味的風格。以打造能夠長久穿著的鞋履為宗旨,提供量腳訂製與個人化設計的訂製鞋服務。




KAZUO CRAFT is a hand-made bespoke shoe label founded in 2014

in East London by the Taiwanese shoemaker EJ So.

The brand was named in honour of his teacher, the master shoemaker Kazuo Hanada, who followed the traditional Japanese art of shoemaking.

From making threads and cooking wax, to hand sewing unique soles, the attention to detail inspired a young shoe apprentice.  

KAZUO CRAFT translates Japanese craftsmanship into the British shoe-making tradition, using the finest prime leathers from Europe.

Offering its customer complete reign over the design, colour and fabrics used, to deliver a new concept encapsulated within a traditional product, paying due homage to an ancient craft.  

The aim of KAZUO CRAFT is to deliver a modern handmade product suitable for the taste of the client in an outstanding manufacture.

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